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not just N E Old opera company

opera for N E One

from N E Old place

from N E Old background


OPERA with an EDGE

Using musicians and artists based in the region, NEO offers exciting opportunities for performers of any age and all backgrounds through workshops, rehearsals, concerts, and theatrical productions at Middlesbrough Town Hall and around the Northeast.


As a result of the pandemic, Streetwise Opera (the multi-award-winning arts company established in 2002), who had been running performances and workshops in the North East for 15 years, had to leave the region.  Rather than abandoning the work that Streetwise Opera has done, the local workshop leaders and performers have formed a new company that will find innovative ways of approaching operatic performance in the midst of this time of uncertainty and into the future: 


A new way of experiencing OPERA…


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Registered Charity Number 1201727

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